To Fight or Not to Fight in Yet Another Middle East Conflict?

Beheadings, mass murders, crucifying innocent victims by these monstrous devils who are sworn to fly the ISIS flag over the White House has created a huge ethical and financial dilemma tearing apart peace loving Americans.

After fighting a 10 year war in the Middle-East are we once again going to get involved in a war with religious tribes that are sworn to either convert or kill any other non-believer of their Islamic faith that preaches jihad?

Americans wholeheartedly accept the concept of peace on earth and respect for anyone’s right to follow the faith of their choice. We prefer to walk humbly under God and not impose our individual religious beliefs upon others under the threat of death and destruction.

The crisis in the minds of most thinking Americans is not our opposition to the cruel behavior of ISIS. It’s our bewilderment as to how to save the lives and souls of the millions of human beings who are being run-over by the tsunami of hatred and death forced at the bloody hands of ISIS.

Do we sit back and close our eyes and ears to what devastation is happening in Syria and Iran or do we once again think of sacrificing our military men and women in what can readily become another long war that recent history has proven never ends in a true and lasting peace.

I cannot sit back and close my eyes and ears to the devastation and hatred that will surely make its way across the world if it is not stopped dead. But are we willing to be committed to reengage our manpower, machines and military might in the Mid-East?

Will we repeatedly send our battle experienced but war weary troops to fight a battle on foreign soil that once again doesn’t wipe out centuries of hatred by warring religious fanatic factions? We must THINK that there must be a better way to return humanistic behavior to the jungle of distorted minds and animalistic behavior of ISIS and their blind followers.

Our President, much aware of this dilemma, has suggested we use the power of our air combat might to reduce and eliminate the human havoc created by the ISIS maniac machine. Even with our superior power and capability we wonder will this turn the tide of war without the need to place boots on the ground? Are we willing to take the chance knowing that the price of eventual and lasting success is a question mark that no one can predict the answer. On the other hand, do we just sit idly by while continuing to shop at the mall and just go quietly fishing while minding our own business yet knowing hatred is hastening its way across the world to destroy our idealistic way of life?

I will admit I am personally tortured by the decision as to which path to take to assure peace while crushing the distorted mindset of ISIS and its followers.

Should we use our airpower, or be forced to have our military might engage by fighting on-the-ground? Will Congress continue to bury their heads in the ground and continue to cut the benefits and wages of our military? Will we recognize that we may need to create a draft to reinforce our troops? Can luxury-loving Americans accept the fact that we must have military conscription and we have the obligation to pay for this by demonstrating that we are serious about protecting our love of freedom and are willing to step-up to the tax bar to insure our pursuit of liberty and happiness?

I pose lot’s of problematic questions without offering simple solutions.

My new book “THE WIZARD OF COMMON CENTS” offers more insight into my experience. You might discover a light bulb going off in your head which will show you the path we all need take to BACK-OUR-VETS who courageously have and will always meet every crisis to protect America’s right to pursue peace with liberty and justice for all our citizens. Your comments are invited.

Earl Littman