I ate my way through the holidays gouging on sweets so I have resolved to lose ten pounds over the next 30 days. Probably within the next 30 hours I will be back to mulching down muffins, choking on chocolates, spooning mouth full’s of ice-cream while beginning to finish-off another bagel bite.

Enough for dieting! Good intentions without execution won’t lose unwanted pounds- so call me “Chubby Checkers.”

It’s more important to keep my New Year RESolution to raise $1 billion to grant to vetted nonprofit, sterling charities that directly serve the dire needs of our troops, veterans and their families.

What’s my game plan?

I am going to knock down the door of resistance guarded by the ‘gate keepers’ of the titans in the retail industry. When I was a much younger businessman in the advertising agency profession, I was readily able to get to know the top-honcho of the supermarket businesses, department stores, fast food chains, apparel merchants, gasoline service stations, jewelry, furniture and other national retail marketers. We quickly developed long term mutually profitable business relationships.

Today, it’s a totally different, frustrating and a fury bating, business story. Try calling, writing or e-mailing to get to the top man or woman, and the buck stops long before you can reach the person responsible for where the buck should stop. Or, supposedly begins in the business you are trying to help. In my humble opinion, the gatekeepers often act as putting blinders on the CHIEF BIG BUCK she is trying to protect. Too frequently it shuts the gates on innovative, new ideas which can skyrocket a tired and true company to new heights, and glorious profits.

I understand that today corporations are behemoths of bureaucracy where the original entrepreneur has been replaced by a corporate MBA (Most Busy Astitude) to take the time to THINK about getting aboard an amazing magic carpet of leadership.

There are two RE-SOLUTIONS to current problems plaguing our nation that are running through my mind which I want to share for the common good of all our citizens. One, is a simple idea, for everyone to buy into to alleviate the mistrust some people hold against our superb law enforcement officers. This should be everyone’s business and concern.

My other important RE-SOLUTION which affects every American young or old, no matter their political or religious persuasion, or the size of their wealth, or color of their skin. It is at everyone’s fingertips to daily serve our nations veterans, troops and their families that have served to protect our freedoms. This must be everyone’s primary concern to honor our bravest.

This New Year are you ready to make a REVolution/RESolution by joining together to make a UNITED States of America? We can make it happen in 2015.

Send me an e-mail to volunteer your help to use plain old common cents for the good of America – UNITED in peace and purpose.

Earl Littman