Every show is different. Every show has unique problems. Today’s show on “TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD” had my stomach turning for days on end.  Why?

Last week with my guest Welcome Wilson, Sr. I thought we won the Super Bowl, so I was anticipating another great winner with a starting line-up that was unique.

Instead of my usual opening remarks of a brief about one or two news topics of interest I was going to break the tradition. Since it was the Jewish New Year I was planning to explain the significant story behind the music of; “SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW.” I have been using that song as my ‘signature’ Open and Close of my hour on the air, but until two weeks ago I was totally unaware of its historical background.

Once I told the history of Judy Garland’s famous introduction of the song 75 years ago I then planned on inviting a guest of that era to relate how she or he was inescapably involved with the horrors which that beautiful melody and lyrics were reporting.  A most difficult task as too many have passed away or unfortunately are too ill to become my radio guest.  I tried their sons and daughters who I thought might be familiar with the atrocities bestowed on their parents.  They were all too busy, or involved with other obligations to appear on the show today.

It’s past dinner time on the night before the show and I get an email from a lady who was the friend of a previous guest on my show that (without asking) messages she knows someone that might make a future great guest.  I am desperate so I urgently ask her to have this mystery person call me.  Literally within minutes the phone rings and a deep voiced gentleman tells me he is Rob Russo. “So Rob, please tell me your story.”  I listen carefully  as this man explains his Storybook concept which is interesting but it doesn’t tell me Why, Who, How he ever decided to “Use random acts of kindness that will create hope and inspiration across the country.” I stopped him cold, and said; “Our audience wants to know more about you as a human being. They are interested in learning about your problems. Your shattered dreams. The struggles you may have overcome, and what brought you to this dream you want to create.”  He then calmed down from trying to sell me his dream concept, and began to share his real life, scary but true, amazing, twisting, turning and shocking story.

I interrupted quickly and adamantly said: “Rob, please Tell Your Story on my global radio show tomorrow at 11 am.  People need to hear this.”  He agreed, and I couldn’t be more thankful for Rob unlocking his heart by confessing to a sinful life that will make your mouth drop in wonder if there is any possible way to escape from going straight to hell.

It’s not too late to listen any time, any day, up until next Wednesday’s show. Simply on any internet connected device (your computer, cell phone or iPad) go to Google and enter:  www.soundcloud.com/mjwj. Then scroll down to “TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD” hosted by Earl Littman. Hit the red button with a white arrow and get ready to hear an unbelievable movie scenario that will keep you on the edge of your chair wondering how and why did Rob Russo ever fly beyond his rainbow…and, why, oh why can’t you and I?
Earl Littman