Apprehensive?  Probably, yes.  Terrified?  Not really.

Why the concern as this isn’t the first time I hosted a radio show.

It was because my guest is  all of eleven years old that will be talking about her beloved grandfather who passed away years ago. Until we met I would have been wondering what is so unusual about a child losing a grandparent to death. It probably is a frequent happening.

My guest today was Zoey Hess who was accompanied by her Mom, Kelly.  Zoey has dark flowing brunette hair and is tall for her age. She was wearing blue jean shorts and a  white blouse along with her perpetual smile. We went into the studio and she was perfectly at ease while my mind was running ahead wondering will she be able to relate her story to the world. I shouldn’t have any concern because she didn’t hesitate a moment in talking about the mutual love she shared with her beloved grandpa.

She spoke from her heart about how they played childhood games and went to the movies together. How they collected U.S. postage stamps and grandpa would attach hidden notes behind framed pictures telling his little pretty girl about how much he loved her. They bonded as one.

Her grandfather was known amongst his friends and colleagues as the gentle giant. This highly regarded gynecologist enjoyed an impeccable reputation in the medical profession, and I can attest his woman clients loved him as my wife was one of his many admiring patients.

I am not going to belabor repeating how Zoey uniquely memorialized her grandfather as you should listen to this profound young lady’s detailed explanation.  She was all of seven years old when she spoke words of wisdom of the ages. When Zoey was ten years old she wrote a best selling book which inspires other young people, and adults as well, to look at the death of a dear one in a different way.

The books’ title leads you on a totally different and more positive path of acceptance of the inevitable loss of a loved one. “The Birthday of an Angel” is an inspirational journey of an everlasting relationship and connection that lives on forever.

My take on the book may be a bit unique. It inspired me to recognize the importance of adults expressing and showing their love to their children and grandchildren. It’s a an obligation we all must assume to love, and share that love and admiration for your precious little ones from birth to however long you both may have on earth together.

Too many of my past guests never had that spark of love and friendship with their families from the day they were born. More often than not that youngster had no lighthouse to guard them from crashing on the rocks and hardships of a life in turmoil.

I tried to remind our audience that a “baby” abandoned by a father, or a mother for some unknown reason, losses all sense of logic. Leavng  a heart that beats like a broken drum – with little hope of repair. Only despair. And a lifetime of regrets.

Zoey, on the other hand, enjoyed the love and comfort of a devoted grandfather who gave as much love as the devotion he is receiving from his GRANDaughter from this day forward to eternity.

May I please suggest you listen to Zoey Hess “TELL HER STORY TO THE WORLD” by going to your computer, cell phone or iPad, and Googling in: www.soundcloud.com/mjwj. The masthead of MJWJ will appear on the screen.  Please scroll down to the October 14th show; “TELL YOUR STORY” hosted by Earl Littman.  Hit the red start button and Zoey, along with Kelly, her Mom, and me will see you on the radio.


Earl Littman