My second show of “TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD” is now history.

While participating in the conversation with my guest I am so occupied with listening intently, and trying to ask questions which will elicit an interesting response that I truly forget about the impression the show may be making on our listeners.

To get a better overall viewpoint I go into my study after enjoying dinner, and punch into my computer; www.soundcloud.com/mjwj.

Magically the show comes on, and I try to listen to it as someone in the audience. It’s not easy to be impartial. I love how my guest Don Brown smoothly carried his load and spoke from his heart revealing both the trying as well as the triumphs in his life and career.

When I hear my ‘uh’s’ and stumbling over words I am embarrassed. I take a deep breath and make a silent oath to myself to try not to repeat those mortifying moments. Habits that you never notice in daily conversations demand correction. When you hear yourself bumbling to a worldwide audience you feel like hiding. You pledge to try to overcome your short comings.

In reflection, isn’t that the real purpose of the show?

When I thought, if I ever had the opportunity, to be a host on a radio show what would I really want to accomplish. What mission would I, a very ordinary guy, desire to leave as a legacy to my family, friends and possibly the world?

It didn’t take more than a few minutes to visualize my dream. If I could through the grace of God, inspire someone to realize that everyone during their lifetime will have what at the time they think is an insurmountable problem, to never, ever to give up HOPE.

Reality was that I am not a trained and educated preacher, pastor, minister or rabbi. Who am I to have the audacity to think I can make a difference? What even gives me the idea that I have been blessed with this wisdom and knowledge to try to help strangers?

Earl, THINK. You know you have no magic. You are very much aware that you, like many others, have had a long life with the usual ups and downs and you are not afraid to share your stories hoping someone listening may learn from your experiences that failure is not acceptable. Wisdom comes from observation and learning what does and doesn’t work successfully. You realize that education is the cement that will lead someone to acquire new knowledge and productive skills to bring success into their lives.

I quickly decided that my show will be like inviting someone to share their life story with me as if we are sitting in my living room just having a friendly conversation. No, I am not necessarily interested in talking with celebrities or famous athletes. We are all familiar with their multi-zillion dollar contracts to play a game, or watch them display their talents of singing, dancing, acting or playing a musical instrument. I want to hear ordinary, everyday men and women who have conquered their Mt. Everest despite the avalanches in their lives.

Finding people with stories to share is easy as everyone has them. Making them feel comfortable with sharing those true stories with the world has been my comfort and my staff to succeed.

I may never know if we have inspired others, but with my amazing guests, we are giving it our best effort to bring HOPE to a troubled world.

See you on the radio.


Earl Littman