Do you remember seeing the magical movie “Gigi”?

Maurice Chevalier sang; “Thank heaven …for little girls they grow-up in the most delightful way.”

The guest on today’s show jolted fond memories. She must have been eight years old when my daughter Bonnie brought her cute friend into our lives. Laurie was as sweet, charming and lovely as Gigi, portrayed by Leslie Caron, who captured everyone’s heart in that lyrical musical.

Today Laurie, who was my guest on “TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD” is a grandmother. But, if you would see her you probably would never guess her age. She’s just as sweet, charming and lovely as when we first met. Yet, she has changed.

All for the better!

Laurie R. Lee is an accomplished success in the business world as well as in life. How did she grow-up in this most delightful way? Her early years were every kids’ dream. Wonderful parents. Father was a physician in practice with his three brothers. Mom a community do-gooder. Great schools from kindergarten to earning an undergraduate degree with Honors from the University of Texas; a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Houston; a BA degree with Honors U. of T; including getting married and having two children-a girl and a boy.

Then a divorce.

I didn’t press her for reasons why, but she volunteered that it was, and remains amicable. That she and her ex share the health and welfare of the now grown two children to shield them from the problems which frequently result from a divorce. They dote equally over their three grandchildren

Laurie had been involved in the usual community endeavors that stay at home mothers engaged in at that time in life. She didn’t cry and weep now that she was a single mother without ever having to work.

Instead she used her education to get out of the rut to build a more than successful business career. She decided she was going to be an entrepreneur, and start her own business. Laurie launched her career in health promotion when she founded InterFitHealth in 1989 to provide health-screening services to individuals mainly through their employers around the country. She began designing and managing employee fitness centers in 1995. Her health screening company is now known as RediClinic and operated convenient care clinics in several states primarily in well known retail supermarkets/pharmacy stores. Lee runs InterFit Health and Fitness Management Company, which designs and develops employer and landlord sponsored fitness centers, and is the Chief Operating Officer of Shape-Up Houston, a non-profit dedicated to reducing obesity.

She serves as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Houston Wellness Association and her list of accomplishments go on-and-on. Twelve years ago Laurie married an equally accomplished gentleman- Dr. Dico Hassid who has limited his practice to Endodontics for over 20 years in order to provide his patients with the highest level of specialized treatment and care. This marriage has added two stepsons to Laurie’s extended family.   She talks of them with the same love and admiration as for her two children.

I usually don’t go into this much detail about my guests careers, but I have a purpose. Laurie Lee has demonstrated when unexpected things happen in your life you can make the choice. Live in a rut of sorrow and ringing your hands about your poor luck. Or, build up enough courage to climb out of that grave and do something to make you proud and strong to beat adversity. She’s proven you can go “crashing through the ceiling” to fly over the rainbow way up high.

Laurie personifies other lyrics sung of Gigi, like; “What miracles has made you the way you are?” As someone who has followed her career for over 50 years, I can proudly say; “Why youv’e been growing up before my eyes.” THANK HEAVEN sweet Laurie for your contributions to improving the health and welfare for countless thousands of citizens over your heavenly career. Keep making miracles happen!


Earl Littman

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