My secret is no secret any more.

I am a P.O.W.

Not too many Navy medics ever become Prisoners of WAR.

Neither have I.

However, today my secret is OUT. It’s PUBLIC. I CONFESS.

I am a Prisoner Of WOW!

From the moment you meet today’s radio guest, Keli Chevalier you are wowed over. Her radiant smile. Her confident attitude. Her articulate way of expressing herself is all wrapped-up in a bursting bundle of energy.

It makes you wonder if she never hit a bump in her life? Have things been so easy, and good that she never had to worry? Has she been spoiled rotten with everything always turning up roses?

Woe is me. Was I ever mistaken by that broad smile, and positive tilt of her head.

Inside her body is a young girl that was molested. A member of the military that was blasted out of her vehicle caught in a bombed convoy in Iraq. Months of medical treatment repairing her brutalized and destroyed spine that would cripple anyone else. Being sexually assaulted while serving our country and not being afraid to call it what it was – rape.

After 20 years and attaining the rank of Major while working with one, two and three star Generals in the pressure cooker of war she was honorably discharged with a 100% disability rating.

When Keli came marching home she was mentally and physically a WOUNDED WARRIOR.

One quick look in the mirror and she could have cracked like shattered glass. Not this lady. Instead, the mirror became a collage of hope and a pursuit of dreams to become fulfilled with a positive purpose in life.

There isn’t enough time to enumerate all the tasks Keli undertook with courage and determination. From personal experience she knew the dilemma, especially women’s reactions to trauma and PTSD. While both men and women report the same symptoms of PTSD, some symptoms are more common for women, such as sexual assault. Research shows that women may also be more likely to seek help after a traumatic event.

Keli, rolled-up-her sleeves and founded; “TRAUMA TO TRIUMPH” where she serves as Executive Director. This non-profit that addresses PTSD is growing by leaps and bounds. They provide transportable housing to homeless women. This coming February 20th they are holding the ‘BLUSH FASHION SHOW’ benefiting Trauma To Triumph which she assures will be fun and an extremely successful event.

She constantly is asked to give talks to military organizations, women’s groups, as a motivational speaker or as a fashion guru using The Chevalier Noir (Black) Influence.

She lives by her motto. “Be inspired! Be desired! Or, get fired!”

During our hour on the air together I can report Keli INSPIRED ME! She got me ALL FIRED UP! As for my becoming DESIRED- I should be so lucky.

The lady is a WOW. An Inspiration. A sensation. A motivation to others to find the courage to get out of their rut and succeed.

Her message is the launch pad for ALL for a Happy, Blessed New Year.


Earl Littman


P.S. Be inspired. Listen to Kelli. If you missed the show you can still hear her words of wisdom by GOOGLING: www.soundcloud.com/mjwj.

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