Some 16 year old kid kills 4 people and injures others while driving drunk. His blood alcohol content was 0.24, three times the legal level.

He pleads innocent.

He gets away with it with a probation pardon!

Why? How? Where was JUSTICE?

His lawyer had told the court that this immature teen comes from a WEALTHY (affluent), privileged family where he never learned what is acceptable behavior.

Ethan Couch is an innocent victim of “affluenza” he claims. I am watching this sorry story unfold and begin to wonder what would the penalty have been if Ethan was from a single parent family with Mom struggling to get by even after working two jobs daily.

Probation? Heck NO! Throw that poor bastard into prison to rot.

Please don’t think I am telling you about this injustice to point out that all rich kids are spoiled rotten. That money is evil. It corrupts and twists a child’s behavior and sense of being. Yes, it may have turned this one spoiled Ethan Couch brat into a spaced out butt.

On the other hand, today’s guest is the son of a most respected and revered citizen…The Honorable Lloyd Bentsen who was a four-term United States Senator; the Democratic Party nominee for vice president in 1988. He also served in the House of Representatives for seven years.

In addition he was the 69th United States Secretary of the Treasury. He was successful in his business career, and became very secure financially.

Bentsen died on May 23, 2006 at the age of 85. He was survived by his wife, three children, and seven grand children. Former president Bill Clinton, who was a close friend, delivered a eulogy.

Lan Bentsen has proven that the apple may fall from the tree like snow flakes tumbling to the earth. But he is the apple that stayed good to the core like Dad. Lan looks; acts; makes his BIG dreams come true – just like his famous father who must be smiling down from heaven.

In Lan’s youth he was exposed not only to wealth and important people, but his parents kept him from succumbing into taking the thorny path like the “affluenza” kid. Lan was like many young and ambitious young men seeking fame and fortune during their careers.

However, after a successful profession of building a variety of local, national and international businesses, he found increasingly greater satisfaction in his community work involving the health and education of children where he spent a third of his time.

He now spends 100% of his time focused on community work.

His most current endeavor is probably as important as any of Lan’s other worthy projects. Based on scientific evidence the first five years of a child’s life determines her chances to succeed as a productive human being. Lan is armed with all the statistical data to prove that unless a youngster from birth on is taught how to read and write and know the colors he/she will become a dropout from school and society.

It’s more costly to lose that child dropout than it is to educate that single Mom, because it becomes a merry-go-round of repeating the same mistake over and over again. He knows and addresses the problems of Day Care which mainly are unregulated and uncontrolled to not properly teach and help educate the children under their wing. Lan not only knows the problems of early childhood education, but has developed SOLUTIONS which can work to regain our nation’s educational leadership. He is busily attempting to meet with our state leaders to educate them not only to the problem, but to INFLUENCE them to take action without any increase of taxes. If anyone can succeed in this herculean, but imperative task, my money is on Lan Bentsen – the personable man of community INFLUENZA to change the world for the better.


Earl Littman

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