Where do I begin after having a guest that not only inspires our global radio network audience, but also inspired me to try to do more to make the world a better place for all.

Andrew Cobos’ presence just dominates the room. He articulated his life story that as you listen you are enraptured. You can feel his emotions. Experience his activities You’re enlightened by the amazing accomplishments.

You are not only transfixed, but you wonder how can anyone do so many astonishing things within the period of 35 years. I tried thinking back to what I may have been doing at that ripe young age. It’s difficult to actually remember what mountains I was trying to climb back in 1962. Natalie and I would have been married 14 years. Our growing family consisted of two darling little girls and a handsome son living with us in a modest “cookie-cutter” home in a very ordinary part of Houston. Nothing particularly fancy or extraordinary. We did have a playhouse in the backyard to keep the kids busy imagining it was a fairy castle.

I was part of a growing advertising agency trying to set the world on fire. No great acclaim. Just work. And more hard work. Searching for our path to maybe lead to a small pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Whereas my guest today on “TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD” was capturing every ear tuned into our hour show that began at 7 am (CST) by relaying how he was appointed by his El Paso Congressman to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

West Point? I can remember when I may have been of pre-teen age watching the annual Army-Navy football game and my eyes began bulging as the cadets of both school marched across the field wearing their school uniforms. Oh, how my heart yearned to someday, when I grew up, to be one of those men.

Andrew continued on telling his story about being deployed twice to combat in Iraq. During his second tour in Iraq he completed over 200 combat missions. It was his talking about how he interacted with the Iraq people and the influence he made with the Iraq police that kept me on the edge of my seat.

After leaving the service Andrew enrolled in the University of Houston where he completed his MBA and his law degree in three years. Unbelievable, especially when I know so many people that struggled to get either one of those degrees in four, or more, years.

This is where he has already begun climbing the ladder of success, but if I tell you more you won’t get on your internet device (computer, cell phone or iPad) to hear the rest of this surprising story. Type www/.soundcloud.com/mjwj and scroll down to look for “TELL YOUR STORY” with Earl Littman. Then be fascinated how one guy, in a few short years, can impact the world and make such an illuminating difference. It left me with a feeling of HOPE.

This living example of the millennium generation can collectively turn our current greedy, instant gratification of grasping citizens, into the grandest generation. May this dream come true! To which I add; “Amen.”

Earl Littman