This show was an awakening of a fear that was tucked somewhere in the back of my mind.

What do I do if my scheduled guest doesn’t show up at the last minute? There won’t be enough time to get someone else that has an earth-shaking, knock-your-socks-off story to tell the world.

For a few weeks I was anxiously waiting to have Ceron be my guest. It also seemed that his legion of lady followers were equally interested to learn more about that charming genius of hair wizardry.

What happened?

It was Tuesday evening. I was just reading through my emails when I spotted receiving one from Ceron that asked; “Are we still on for 7 am tomorrow?” I almost dropped my teeth as I knew for a fact that on the previous Friday I had sent him the confirmation, included the time, the address of the radio station plus some other pertinent information. My heart stopped.

I fired off an email to Ceron asking him to confirm receipt.

Then a familiar voice from the kitchen. It was my wife Natalie calling; “Dinner is ready. Come quickly.” To stay happily married lo these many years, you automatically respond; “Yes, dear. I’m on my way.”

But, not before sending another hurried email to Ceron confirming our expecting him to show-up at the radio station early in the morning. I didn’t eat dinner. I wolfed it down hurriedly to be able to get out another confirmation to Ceron.

Total silence. Not a word back. I called his salon, but it was already closed due to the late hour. I paid to get his home address on the internet. Dialed it only to receive a “Discontinued Phone” message. Frankly, I gave up hope. No Ceron. No guest for the show. Yikes!

Out of sheer desperation I called one of my dear associates. She told me to call one of her dear associates. I did, and now Joan said that she knew the perfect person. It’s now past bedtime, but I bravely explained my predicament to this bewildered lady. “Yes”, she finally said, but it was without conviction. I thanked her and hung-up the phone thinking she just wanted me to quit the begging and badgering.

No sleep during the night. Just imagining an empty chair across from my desk at the radio station with me trying to carry on a one-way conversation with myself. O.K., it’s time to get-up and drive to the station while mumbling to myself what am I going to talk about. Who will want to listen to a ventriloquist who is his own dummy?

I pull into the parking lot with another car right behind me. Who could it possibly be at this break of dawn hour? Is it a masked man with evil intentions like asking for a donation to fill his empty wallet?

Out of the car steps a vision. A beautiful lady, carefully dressed and wearing a smile that brought sunshine to the absolutely dark parking lot. This angel was the lady that I never thought would show-up early to “TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD.” If you heard her inspirational message you will still want to hear it again by going to your computer and Googling; www.soundcloud/mjwj. Blessings do come in unexpected lovely packages.

Earl Littman