Do I worry about my guests on the morning global radio network show; “TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD”?

Ordinarily, I am concerned if I will be able to get them to relax and let them tell their story honestly and openly. I don’t want to interrupt too frequently unless I feel there may be a need to amplify their remarks, or open it up to further explanation.

A few weeks back I thought the subject of marriage counseling, both before the wedding and after, would be of interest to our audience. I mentioned it to one of my daughters who immediately responded; “I know the perfect person. He’s the retired Senior Pastor of Chapelwood Church who tells stories that will grab everyone’s attention.” I jotted down his name and tried to contact this magical person.

My email was returned with a simple response that he is in Colorado until the latter part of August. That started a series of back n’ forth emails and phone calls. Finally he agreed to be on the Wednesday August 26th show. I was tickled pink to receive this affirmation.

Typically I meet with the forthcoming guest just to try to discover their personality and preferences of what they feel comfortable in discussing during our hour together while broadcasting to the world. We decided to meet last Friday morning at a place close to his office.

Just my luck, I came down with a severe Vertigo attack the day before we are about to meet, and my feeling dizzy is a mild description. However, since we were to meet at 9:30 am I got up, forced myself to get dressed, and stumbled over to the window to check the weather only to find the city is being deluged with hurricane type winds, and a torrential downpour of waves of rain. I rushed to the phone to tell my guest that there was no way we should try to meet today. No answer.

Get on the computer and tried to deliver the same message to postpone our meeting. Again, no answer.

Then my wife volunteered to drive me to our designated meeting place thinking my guest may not have gotten my “let’s delay” appeals. She drove me through the sheets of rain to the place where my guest and I were supposed to rendezvous together. After waiting, he’s a no show.

Back to our apartment, where we finally connected by phone. He explains that he’s headed out-of-town and will not be available until the morning of the show. Oh,- Oh. Now am I shaking out of nervousness or is it still the Vertigo rattling and rolling my body?

Is this guy a giant of gray matter as I was told, or would he be a disagreeable disappointment? I am waiting at the entrance to MJWJ, the internet radio station, when a car pulls up right on time. Out steps a giant of a man that strides over with a confident smile and hands me a gift. His hard cover book;


From that moment on, I looked into his eyes, and realized WE would make a lifetime covenant to be lifetime friends. When you tune into the replay of our show together: (www.soundcloud.com/mjwj) you will walk the roadmap of friendship and wisdom in unison.

Earl Littman