It was raining cats-and-dogs this morning as I drove to the radio station.  I should have guessed it was an ominous sign as to what was about to happen. I always ask my guests to arrive BY 6:30 am for the 7:00 o’clock show start.  It simply gives us a chance to try to get everything ready before we go live “on-the-air.”

It’s five minutes before show time and my guest is nowhere to be seen.  How will I go through this hour without having some- one to interview? Then lo-and-behold he shows up all smiley and ready to TELL HIS STORY TO THE WORLD.

A brief sigh of relief, and I make my usual opening remarks. First, I addressed the story of how a  Deputy Sheriff in Houston who was refueling his patrol car was shot in the back of his head by a perpetrator who continued firing 15 bullets into his cold body lying on the concrete in his pool of blood. I briefly told of a plan we are working on to turn these tragedies into a tribute to the victims and all peace officers.

My second item was to bring attention to the MARCH of the MILLENNIALS. This is the generation which ranges from 15 to 35 years of age. They are a new breed with a unique and different outlook on life. Optimistic, yet cautious. Many loaded down with student loan debt and high rates of unemployment. 45% without any religious affiliation.  This generation is our first generation weaned on learning and using technology which is their tool to turn the world to spin faster and more productively. Are they spoiled or on a hi-tech speedway?

How did I choose this subject?  Strictly by fate.  After last week’s radio program I was walking out of the office building in which MJWJ is headquartered when I see a young man entering into the building.  He’s carrying a giant picture of Craig Biggio, who just weeks ago was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

“What are you doing with that picture of Craig Biggio”? I curiously asked.  “It’s one I created in 3D  which is part of my new start-up business”…the young man answered.

I was hooked, and said; “Join me next week to share your story as an example of the Millennial Generation that I am hoping will prove to be the Grandest Generation. J. Philip Majors did an outstanding job of relating, as one of 15 siblings, he  spent his early years doing R & B music to find his passion in life creating cutting edge collage photos. It’s a fascinating true story that you can still hear by using your computer and entering the REPLAY: www.soundcloud.com/mjwj. I believe you will love hearing J’s story of failures turning into his cusp of success.

EXCITING NEWS: Starting this coming Wednesday we will be on the air from 11 am to noon CST. Come see us on the radio!