When you look into the mirror who do you see?

Is that just an ordinary guy or girl who is trying to make the best out of everyday in a complicated world where we all have personal problems staring back at us?

Really, not too unusual, as everyone of us has made a miserable mistake, or maybe lost a job, faced a debilitating disease, lost a loved one, failed in marriage, flailed by failure after failure, or succumbed to the stranglehold of alcohol and substance abuse. Been jilted. Turned down cold. Dreams shattered like glass. Possibly felt the damaging darts of discrimination and hate. Maybe they have a son or daughter that is a disappointment in not being an achiever who is wasting their time on earth. Hardly anyone doesn’t get slapped down by some black cloud that found you. You wonder is it only you?

You can be assured you are not alone!

Rather than quitting and giving up the chase to walk the yellow brick road that leads to success and prosperity, many people motivate themselves to leave those daunting problems behind, and get on with the progress of living to succeed in a life of joy.

Those individuals that experienced being shackled by the chains of failure and hack sawed their way out to escape to freedom all have stories to share with others to inspire them. I thought everyone would be interested in hearing and learning from those everyday heroes which we don’t ever recognize as we go about minding our own busy business. Listen and learn from their experience.

That is what motivated me to start an hour long radio show to invite ordinary men and women regardless of their skin color, their religious or sexual persuasion, or how young or old, to share their story. Praying they will inspire our audience to understand that failure is not an acceptable option. It’s the beginning of hope. Our mission is to motivate people to get out-of-their-rut which soon becomes a grave of despair. Start climbing the ladder of success, one rung at a time, to a heavenly life we can all achieve once we get educated to learn new skills that will leave behind those past haunting barriers.

Our show, which we aptly call; “WHAT IS YOUR STORY?” will start at 7 am on Wednesday July 15th and run for one hour. My first guest will be Gene Smith who has a mind boggling story to share. I will soon follow-up with how you easily access the radio network station that will allow you to tune into the weekly show on your computer and/or cell phone to be able to listen in your car, at work or any room in your home, office, garden, beach or wherever in the world internet service is available. Our weekly guests and our advertisers have an amazing message that demand we TELL IT TO THE WORLD…including you, and your family and friends wherever they may be, so get ready to tune in to listen weekly to “WHAT IS YOUR STORY?”

Earl Littman