A time to remember. A time to reminisce.

Maybe YOU served in the armed forces. Maybe you did not. However it’s quite likely that you are counted among the one out of five Americans that are considered a military family member.

Was it your great- grandfather, grandfather, either parent, spouse, son or daughter that served and preserved our great nation? Then you are a proud military family. 65 million strong living in almost every town, hamlet and city across this country and you can take pride to be counted among America’s bravest in peace and war.

Some bear the wounds of war both physically and mentally. Others, numbering far too many are among the homeless. Both numerous men and women veterans are addicted to alcohol and substance abuse which may have caused abuse to spouses and children ending in marital divorces. Horribly beyond belief is that 22 veterans and troops commit suicide daily. Shame and despair hangs heavily on the shoulders of 50,000 women that were raped while serving our nation.

In a land of plenty there is no reason, absolutely none, for any veteran to go hungry and be lost in the barren field of poverty. Or, to remain unemployed while searching for an opportunity to become a productive wage earner and participating citizen in a prosperous economy.

We, who have had the privilege to serve, and been able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and were blessed with abundant energy and health have much to be thankful for and should praise the Lord for watching over us. However, it is our duty and responsibility to gather every American together to BACK-OUR-VETS. It’s not only patriotic – it is our call to action…to get out of the trenches of apathy and work together for the common good of all our veterans, troops and their beloved families.

I, like you, enjoy celebrating our military on Veterans Day and paying our respects to America’s fallen heroes on Memorial Day, but twice a year does not meet our true social responsibility to so many who have done so much to keep us free to exercise our pursuit of happiness with justice and liberty for ALL.

Please let me share a plan where we each voluntarily do our part daily to BACK-OUR-VETS. Now do not think I am asking you to hock the house or go into debt by increasing taxes. The plan is so simple that it is at your fingertips no matter your religious or political persuasion, the color of your skin or if you are nine or ninety.

It will raise $1B+ annually with 100% of the money going to BACK-OUR-VETS. O.K., I get it Mr. Doubting Thomas, you are wondering what kind of a lunatic, snake charmer, charlatan am I to make such a wild claim when no politician, professor or pundit has this simple answer?

Read my book, “THE WIZARD OF COMMON CENTS” and discover the simple common 2 cents formula to make VETERANS DAY a DAILY occurrence which is as simple as brushing your teeth and is guaranteed to put a bright smile in your heart.

The book purposefully isn’t in book stores as I wanted every penny earned to be granted to non-profit, vetted charities that do a sterling job in serving our needy veterans, troops and their families. Not only will you enjoy reading about what has happened with the Greatest Generation over these 70 years, but you will be invited to THINK about how TOGETHER we can create the Grandest Generation by using our common cents. Makes sense to me as it will for you.

Earl Littman

Author of “The Wizard of Common Cents” available only direct on Amazon/Kindle and through our website http://www.backourvets.com                                                          earl@backourvets.com

P.S.     Makes a great read and gift for every veteran and American patriot. Act now.