Every citizen is asked to join this fierce battle for the support and participation of America’s retailers across the land.

Our mission is simply to have retailers adopt our initiative and collect your two cent voluntary donations, on top of your total bill, and send every collected penny to BACK-OUR-VETS. When we have 150,000 cashiers throughout America collecting the two-cent voluntary donations, we will raise over $1 billion annually. BACK-OUR-VETS grants funds only to vetted, sterling non-profit organizations directly serving our troops, veterans and their beloved families.

Each of these charities have passed muster with watchdog groups, such as Charity Watch and Charity Navigator, by getting the most out of every dollar given on behalf of American heroes. Our aim is to eliminate fraudulent swindlers who prey on your empathy for our men and women serving in the armed forces.

With your two cents, you will be thanking our military, past and present, for their service and for fighting America’s battle to provide care and counseling to our veterans in need. Never again would any American veteran or their family be homeless, hungry or lack medical care and concern for their welfare.

Together we can reduce the horrendous number of daily suicides, numerous rapes, alcohol and substance abuse addictions, and the subsequent family abuse and divorces. Together we can provide assistance with the transition into civilian life and the teaching of new skills for gainful employment. Together we can assure expert care and counseling for the mentally impaired and disturbed.

How? Simply by flashing two fingers in the Victory signal to the cashier who will then add the two cents on top of your total purchase. Simple and smart to put a smile on your heart.

What then is the problem?

Until we have retailers, large and small, willing to collect everyone’s pennies, we are at a standstill. The major chains we have repeatedly contacted turn their backs on our troops and veterans with the lame excuse that they already donate to veterans, as well as employ them. Their donations are mainly tax deductible and many of the jobs are at minimum wages without benefits. We have pleaded to let their customers BACK-OUR-VETS, but it has fallen on deaf ears.

I am asking each of you to take matters into your own hands. March with your boots on the ground into every retail store where you shop and ask them to BACK-OUR-VETS. If they shake their heads saying “no” then it’s war!

You, your family, your neighbors, your clubs, students, fellow congregants, veterans and their posts, organize a grass roots effort to picket stores with your boots on the ground until they surrender from fear of lost sales.

Send e-mail blasts to their corporate headquarters, demanding that they BACK-OUR-VETS. With every Americans’ boots on the ground while firing-up 2 cents at their fingertips to BACK-OUR-VETS, we can and will win this war.

Earl Littman   

Founder of BACK-OUR-VETS and author of “The Wizard of Common Cents”, a book dedicated to helping Americans understand their responsibilities and duties to their country and providing vehicles to exercise their commitment to their nation’s freedom.

BACK-OUR-VETS, INC. a tax exempt non-profit 501 (C) (3)