No, my radio show guest today isn’t a mechanical engineer. He doesn’t drive an excavator. Nor is he a road contractor using heavy equipment.

He sat across the table looking me straight in the eye to matter-of-fact tell our global audience how he overcame being a high school dropout, a disappointing divorce, business bankruptcy, family-home foreclosure, and deep depression which practically drove him into taking his own life.

Michael Taylor told his life story to the world with emotion, passion and pride as he calmly stated that now he is living an EXTRAORDINARY life.

Today Michael Taylor is best known as Coach Taylor. He knows first-hand how to overcome adversity and build a rewarding and fulfilling life while sharing his knowledge and wisdom with others to support them in creating the life of their dreams

He was born in the inner city housing projects of Corpus Christie, Texas to a single mother with six children Although he dropped out of high school in the 11th grade, his commitment to living an extraordinary life supported him to defy the odds.

Being aware of Michael’s successes as a motivational speaker, radio show host and successful author of three best selling books, my mind wandered to think of his Mother. Living in sheer poverty, bringing-up three sisters, and two other brothers how did his Mother do this and still survive in a small cage of a publicly owned apartment? I could only guess there were crimes running rampant, substance and alcohol abuse with hardships among the neighbors. Yet, two of her sons grew up to serve in the Army and now one drives a long-haul truck, and the other is a Baptist minister. One sister died when she was 36, and the two other girls are successfully married and both have responsible careers with large companies. Mother Taylor now lives in Kyle, Texas and must be proud of what her children have accomplished- from slum living to now sharing a large slice of the American dream. I know she is Michael’s greatest inspiration…deservedly so!

Getting back to my guest Michael, he voluntarily left high school when a vacuum sales man sold him on getting rich by selling household vacuums door-to-door. Six months later, after not making one sale, he shook that failure off his shoulders. With persistence, patience and perseverance he was able to climb the corporate ladder of success and became a very successful mid-level manager of a multi-million dollar building supply center at the tender age of 22.

After approximately eight years he was faced with another set of challenges. He experienced the pain and humiliation of divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure and found himself homeless and contemplating suicide.

Bankrupt and alone, Michael committed to rebuilding his life which propelled him to begin a 15 year inner journey of personal transformation which resulted in his discovering his true self and his passion for living. As a result, he is now happily married (13) years and living his dream of living an extraordinary life while being of service to others. Through his books, lectures to corporate executives and employees, and radio program, he now coaches others how to be genuinely happy with their lives and live the lives they were born to live.

Michael’s story telling was so enrapturing we barely had enough time to discuss in depth what it is he teaches to empower men. He started to answer one of my questions in regard to the important challenge facing America which is about his creating a new paradigm of masculinity. Michael was stating his ideas about men being afraid of appearing too sentimental when I suddenly interrupted his thoughts. Since he started by saying he has developed five paradigms I was afraid our hour show would soon be interrupted, and I abruptly cut in on his thoughts, for which I sincerely apologize. Michael briefly summarized his conclusion that men don’t feel comfortable expressing their love.

While he was ready and more than comfortable in his expressing “why” and how he coaches his audience to overcome this, and the other four paradigm problems of masculinity, we got the “one minute” signal to close the show.

There was hardly enough time to thank Michael profusely for appearing on the show to articulate his “Coaching” methods and items he discusses. May I humbly suggest you buy his enlightening books: “ADVERSITY IS YOUR GREATEST ALLY;” “BLACK MEN ROCK!” ” A NEW CONVERSATION WITH MEN” and “5 KEYS TO UNLEASH YOUR INNER SUPERHERO.”

Glance at the Chapter contents. Select one of interest. Then try speed reading to learn how you can; “CARVE A TUNNEL OF HOPE THROUGH A DARK MOUNTAIN OF DISAPPOINTMENT.” (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Earl Littman The host of “TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD” on MJWJ.


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