Another Wednesday. Another show.

Not really, as each show offers a new challenge. A new opportunity.

Inviting someone to sit down opposite me in a crowded studio with ear muffs over my practically deaf ears can be intimidating. Especially when you know what you are about to exchange with your guest can be heard all over the globe.

Will he/she open up and truthfully admit to what problem has been a dagger to their heart. How did the problem manifest itself? Was there a self-evident solution or did they simply aggravate it further by their actions, or inaction?

Maybe I shouldn’t be confessing my innermost thoughts and simply try to mask my face with a smile. That wouldn’t be me. I know I’ve memorized the guests’ bio and researched some of the background materials to be better prepared for today’s, and each show.

Yet, somewhere in the back of my mind is the question as to how will the guest react to my questions and probing into their innermost thoughts.

This morning’s guest is different. I tagged the subject as; “TYCOON’S SON GETS SHOT.” Then the real story flows as swiftly as the blood covers the concrete surrounding his aching body. As he lies there in the cold blooded street will he be able to remember the miracle rescue, the remarkable recovery over 90 days in the hospital, how a world noted surgeon devoted his skill, care and concern to repair this worrisome wound?

Can he overcome the massive amounts of pain killers, or will he become slave to the narcotics that allowed temporary relief of the hurt to body and mind? What turned him into a luxury liner lost in a turbulent sea without an anchor to stop this drifting human being shaped into a ship wreck?

Maybe you are already guessing that this teenager has graduated into a certified alcoholic whose self appointed prescription is partying and abusing cocaine.

If I tell you more you won’t want to hear what this young man that was born with a golden spoon in his mouth did to turn his life of luxury into sleeping in the Star of Hope for the homeless.

It’s an absolutely amazing story of HOPE. An inspiration for countless others to get out of their wounds of hunger, poverty, divorce, jail time, endless roller-coaster treatments and find a rainbow path that leads to success and the chance to enjoy a new life of achievement.

There’s still time to hear Scott Latham’s true story, which you won’t dare miss.

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.Click on the Red Arrow and get ready to listen and learn, no matter your skin color, your financial status, sex or age. Everyone has some problems in life, but somewhere over the rainbow there’s a pot of gold waiting for you to reach out and grab your share of happiness.

I’ll see you on the radio Wednesday mornings so be listening.


Earl Littman